Winnipeg:: What will I put in my cremation urn

Today is a nice fine day.

Snowing in the morning and quite a bit of sun.

These days cant really sleep well…and grandma woke me up early in the morning to go to the crematorium of my grandpa’s sister.

It was a very neat, clean and tidy columbarium.

Compare to the one in HK, poor HK people…live in crowded area even after death…


blue roses pictures (1)

So make me wonder what will I like to put in mine

I don’t think I want a bottle like urn. Maybe I want a box, vintage style which looks like a jewelry box

The best will be mixed mine cremains with my husband’s ( if he loves me that much too)

Maybe pick a happy photo of mine and put it nearby

some fake red and blue roses will be nice too

Maybe make it look like a little place for miniatures to party.

I will probably be partying in heaven.

Miss you grandma, are you eating desserts there?


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